Boston, May 26 – Massachusetts has banned from it courts “love racketeers” and “gold diggers.”

In signing a bill to ban breach of promise suits, effective Sept 1. Gov. Charles F. Hurley last night climaxed a four-year fight by its sponsor, Rep. Katherine A. Foley of Lawrence.

“I’m extremely happy,” said Mrs. Foley, widow and mother of three girls, when informed that the bill was signed.

“Massachusetts now makes the fifth state to join in the fight against love racketeering.

The other states are Indiana, Illinois, New York and Michigan. I am glad that our state has fallen in line with the others.”

Mrs. Foley argued that an woman who cut a price on love and tried to collect was a robbery and “one of the worst enemies of her sex.”

“Massachusetts Bans Love Racketeering,” syndicated (UP), Dunkirk Evening Observer (N.Y.), May 26, 1938, p. 5