"Various pro-male partisans conducted a search of the public record, and discovered that “Vliet Tiptree” was in fact Pamela O’Shaughnessy, a prominent California lawyer and bestselling novelist who has been published by Simon & Schuster and reviewed by the New York Times. Yes — a person living a double life; a public figure with a valuable reputation to lose!"
—A voice for men

The Agent Orange Files are a large set of screen captures taken by a Men's Rights Activist at date and location unknown.

The activist was capable of infiltrating a private internet forum where self-proclaimed "RadFem" Radical Feminists were anonymously posting statements about Boys and Men which some view to be misandric in nature.

The forum feminists relied on aliases, but were found releasing personal information leading to their discovery. Some of the occupations the feminists were alleged to work in included day-care workers, teachers, authors and public officials.

The staff of A Voice for Men alerted businesses related to education and child care about dangers they alleged those businesses were putting children in.