the following is an excerpt of text from an article posted August 24, 2015 by Dean Esmay at about Savannah Ape

Sharlet was seen traveling around with and escorting a man whom no one at the conference knew, who later turned out to be a pedophile. He was having meals with a child molester, giving him rides, and worst of all, springing him on people attending the conference and asking them to support child molesters.

Now I can only think of two plausible reasons Jeff Sharlet would be walking around with a child molester in tow at the ICMI: either Jeff supports pedophiles or he was using one to abuse and mock child abuse and rape survivors.

Ponder the irony: the most charitable interpretation of Jeff Sharlet’s actions at the International Conference on Men’s Issues in 2014 is that he supports child molesters.

There is of course no hard evidence that Jeff Sharlet himself is a pedophile or an enabler. If we take the route of Occam’s razor, he’s merely a yellow hack, representing GQ Magazine by carting a pedophile around a population of men who have been sexually abused so he could create a vile narrative for a hit piece on the victims.

There’s other things to tell you about how Sharlet behaved while representing GQ. He tossed an insult at a female rape survivor because she suggested that male rape victims are no better or worse off than female survivors and that by treating female perpetrators as seriously as male perpetrators, it means all of us who are victims of sexual assault and abuse are in this together; it’s not a man-vs-woman thing.

He mocked a female rape victim for saying that. Right in front of multiple witnesses.

As the icing on the cake, Sharlet used the pedophile as the first person profiled to explain to people what MRAs are really like in his story.

What’s more unethical as a journalist, running around a conference full of male survivors, inserting a pedophile in their presence or using that pedophile in a major publication to represent actual victims who are trying to heal? Forget journalism for a moment and ponder the question of which of the two choices paints a more clear picture of a human being with absolutely no moral compass.