the following was what was originally posted by Paul Elam on 23 August 2015 at before he edited it

Over the past several years, many, many bloggers, mainstream “journalists” and major publications have chronically lied about and fabricated defamatory stories about the MHRM and the men and women in it.

GQ writer Jeff Sharlet recruited a pedophile and inserted him at ICMI 14 in order to cast us in a horrific light. He also brought a young woman in to attempt to sexually entice a member of AVFM’s staff into a compromising position so he could write from that angle. This is not allegation, it is fact.

He also deliberately took a statement by Dan Perrins way out of context in order to defame him.

Adam Serwer did extensive investigation on me personally and recruited former members of my family, blended their claimed woes with a pack of lies and used that to disparage me on Buzzfeed.

Mariah Blake did a complete con job at Mother Jones, cherry picking everything she could in order to paint a false picture of myself and Warren Farrell.

This list goes on and on. I am here today to say that the list will now serve another purpose.

So far, we have only responded to all this treachery with refuting the material written about us on our page. This was far more civil than these people AND THEIR ENABLERS deserve.

In the months ahead we will be teaching some of these people, all that we can, a lesson or three about what happens when you go too far in provoking the wrong people.

So, you can bet right now that if Jeff Sharlet, Mariah Blake, Adam Serwer and a whole lot of other people have dirt in their backgrounds, we are going to dig it up and spread it around like gonorrhea in a whorehouse.

That goes for their family members and embittered exes as well. Two can play at that game and it is our turn.

Oh, and it also goes for every employee, especially senior management, at publications like Mother Jones, GQ, Buzzfeed, Washington Post, Time Magazine, The Houston Press, Maclean’s Magazine, and many more. Those who have libeled us, or work for a publication that has libeled us, and everyone they know is now fair game for a fair and certain return of what they have dished out. Unlike them, we will only print what we can prove.

And thanks to the generosity of some people with real reach, we can provide that proof to the public.

We have tolerated this abuse for far too long. We are done playing nice with miserable, lying hacks.

That is all for now. Now I can go on to have a fantastic day.